Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Country Jewelz

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monster Truck Show

Doug and Beverly came over one weekend. I had bought tickets for the monster truck show, so the boys could go spend the evening together.
Saturday, I had a baby shower to go to, so Bev, Grayson, and I headed into town to attend and to go do a little shopping. Doug, Cody, and boys stayed home to work on Big John's old tractor, Cody is trying to restore it for Bev.
The guys enjoyed their evening out, this was the first monster truck show for all of them. Maybe I can make it an annual event for them, and even send Grayson, one can only hope. The girls stayed at home. I bought 2012 and thought we would enjoy a movie, but before the movie even started, Beverly fell asleep. Anyway, we had a great weekend, we all enjoyed ourselves.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Bare with me, I know these are all out of order, I was too lazy to put them into any order. The pictures are from Christmas and some are recent. Enjoy!

The family meets our new cousin and nephew. He was such a good baby and I enjoyed loving on him. I miss having a baby around sometimes, will have to wait patiently for Linsey to have hers.

My smallest children are growing up so fast. Grayson walks around with a bible singing, bible and bible over and over again. Wyatt loves being mommas super hero for the day.

She was really upset here, she wanted to open more presents.

Pimp Momma or Bia.

Pimp Mommas son, my pimp daddy, ha.

The teacher and her sister hung huge stocking to take home all the presents and candy the kids received.

The newest addition to our family, Holly. We got her a week before Christmas, my parents gift to our kids.
Grayson loves spaghetti.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snow Day

We woke up to snow on the ground this morning. The schools had a two hour delay, so my boys needed to go play in the snow and it is Grayson's first snow, so I had to get a picture of her playing just a little in it.

Thanksgiving weekend

I forgot to pull out my camera during Thanksgiving to take pictures. But, we had a feast as usual and plenty of great company to talk to and family and friends to be thankful for.
Beverly, myself, and the kids woke up Friday and headed to Midland for Black Friday. It was hard to get around with four kids, but we managed. The kids actually did rather well, maybe because they knew we were shopping for their gifts. I managed to sneak some of them without my kids knowing that the presents were actually for them.
Again, Saturday we woke up and did a little bit more shopping in Pecos. The boys went over to Myrt Myrt's to play, while we did somethings around the house. Thanksgiving was great and I am very thankful for the family that I have and great inlaws. I am thankful that I get along with them and love them, most families do not get along with their inlaws.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Everet and Grayson's b-day party @ church

Yes, Grayson had another party. We had one for her with the church family and combined it with Everet Dominguez, he will be one this weekend. I had fun stripping her down to her diaper again and watching her chow down on a cupcake. It was so hectic, that we forgot to open gifts and ended up taking them home to open.

Syndi and I kept it simple, cake, cupcakes, and ice cream. We did not go overboard, since we were having the party at the church, after evening services. I guess we did not want to have to clean up a big mess, just kidding. Here are some pics enjoy.
My mom made this outfit for Grayson.

Everet went straight for his cupcake. Grayson was unsure about hers, I guess she does not like to get dirty. So some of the kids helped her out.

Everet was so upset with me when I put his party hat on. He was having a rough night.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Grayson and Brody!

We celebrated Grayson and Brody's birthdays this past weekend. We went with a fiesta theme and had the celebration at the Wink park. I can't believe our babies are already one year old. Well, mine is anyway. She turned one on the 15th, Brody does not turn one until the 29th. We celebrated with hot dogs, frito pie, nachos, a pinata, and all of our friends and family. Kelsey and Clara were able to make it down for the celebration, it was great to have them make it in and share in on our fun.
First we sat down to eat and the kids played at the park, having a grand old time. Linsey and I decided to sat Brody and Grayson under a tree and take pictures of them in their sombreros, which was not a fun task at all, Grayson wanted to keep walking off during our little photo session. We had individual cakes for the two, so they could dive in and get as nasty as they wanted. Brody dove right in, Grayson was not to sure what to think of her cake, she got a little icing on her finger and tasted it and then plunged right in. I really hope this year goes by slow, I am not ready for her to turn two.